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03 December 2012 @ 01:13 pm
The New Host of AusNTM  
 LAST week was hell, of sorts, for Jennifer Hawkins.

She has found keeping her mouth shut about hosting Australia's Next Top Model extremely difficult.

"I started talking with Fox8 last year but the scheduling was just all off. But the scheduling stars have finally aligned. I am really, really excited about it - I get to have my hair and make-up done, wear great clothes and work a good show.

"And anyway, I am so much better when I am busy."

Hawkins, who is also getting married next year, says she has big shoes to fill. She follows Erika Heynatz, Jodhi Meares and Sarah Murdoch in the host's chair, and if the rumours are to be believed, she was up against Naomi Campbell, Nicole Trunfio, Elle Macpherson, Alyssa Sutherland and Miranda Kerr.

She is slightly nervous. It's been while since she was last on TV.

"I have had time to sit back and observe and learn and look at everyone on TV and hone my skills.

"The beauty of this industry is that you can work with so many people and learn so much, and the presenting part is what I am really looking forward to."

Hawkins says viewers should expect something new.

P.S the video can only be watched in Aussie. I couldn't even view it, but I assume she talks about her new role in the show. Also still gutted it wasn't someone more credible as a model (Kerr or Gale)
pirtzak: yogapirtzak on December 4th, 2012 12:43 am (UTC)
Oh nooooo, I'm gutted as well! She is right, someone like Miranda would have been perfect for this show. I think JH is a beautiful woman but a terrible model, she looks like a plastic doll in 90% of her photos.